When you hear the term “bars” in Hip-Hop music, it means measures of music, and, consequently, lines of lyrics. “Bars” in hip hop is typically used in slang when referring to the verses or rhymes that make up a song. as poets, I feel we have to make use of metaphors, puns, ambiguities, similes, etc. For me, anyone can rap, but can you do it creatively, show skill, flair, perfect delivery, etc, it’s ART, it’s more than just getting the message across. I am all about RAP (Rhythm And Poetry) not just the music “I cater to people who want to listen, learn and have the knowledge more than anything. I always make sure what I say to people is relevant. I strongly believe hip-hop is a culture and rap is the music within the culture, my music has that poetic feel since as rappers we are street poets. My music is all about black consciousness, educating people, day-to-day life ekasi, breaking extraordinary concepts, etc. I’ve been a self-reserved person if I encounter any problem I just find myself writing, so these projects summaries my feelings and experiences in life.
Heavy Bars Only EP
By H.B.O. Heavy Bars Only
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